Energy Policy & Climate Change

Energy Policy & Climate Change


Political leaders have agreed at a global level to limit temperature rise associated with human induced climate change to 2oC above pre-industrial levels. This is hugely ambitious and requires a significant shift in policy towards a low carbon energy system. The focus of this thematic area has been to significantly increase the evidence base for informed policy choices in Ireland by developing robust energy models and building a range of future scenarios. Research in this thematic area is focused on (a) energy policy and modelling and (b) climate change (GHG flux modelling and climate change adaptation). Principal Investigators are drawn from the School of Engineering, the Beaufort Centre and the MaREI SFI Centre.



Dr Brian O’Gallachoir (Lead PI), Professor Ger Kiely, Mr Jeremy Gault, Dr Ray Alcorn, Dr Dean Venables.



The thematic area has substantial expertise in energy policy and modelling. Dr Brian O’Gallachoir’s research group is focused on building a range of energy models to inform policy decisions, such as the Irish TIMES energy systems model (in collaboration with the ESRI, Teagasc and E4sma-Italy) which provides optimised least cost future energy system pathways for the future. The group has secured over €1.5 million in research funding over the past five years from EPA, SEAI, IRCSET, Bord Gais and Eirgrid & outputs have been published in over 200 publications. The HYDROMET research group (led by Professor Ger Kiely) focuses on monitoring and modelling greenhouse gas fluxes in peat and grasslands and the coupling of water, energy and carbon cycles. The group has collaborated with Duke University, National Centre for Atmospheric Research, the National University of Taiwan and is part of CarboEurope, NitroEurope and ICOS Greenhouse Gas Fluxes projects. The CMRC carry out research on assessing the information required for climate change adaptation to facilitate regional and sectoral planners in building adaptive capacity and integrating climate change adaptation into their decision making processes.

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