The marine environment constitutes two-thirds of our planet, contains 90% of the biosphere and is essential to life on earth. Along with being an important factor in social well being it plays a key role in economic prosperity. Ireland’s marine area is ten times that of the land area of the country; the country’s location and extensive marine resources represent a unique asset. However human activities are exerting increasing environmental pressure on the oceans; in particular, the growing demand for maritime transport, offshore energy, coastal development, fisheries and aquaculture pose a major threat to this environment.

The Environmental Research Institute has substantial expertise and resources in marine research including marine renewable, aquaculture, fisheries, coastal and marine systems, geomatics, earth observations, marine governance, and marine ecology.

Marine Platform - Research Centres

  • MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine hosted by the Environmental Research Institute conducts fundamental scientific research relating to marine renewable energy applications, coastal and marine systems and marine governance.
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre within the Environmental Research Institute and School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences is a centre of excellence for aquaculture and fisheries research focusing on fisheries and fish population genetics, health of aquaculture species, and marine mammal research.

Marine Platform - Research Groups

In addition to to our Marine Research Centres we also have the following Marine Research Groups:

Marine Platform - Research Experts

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