The Centre for Law and the Environment at University College Cork (UCC) draws together our research, teaching and policy work relating to law and the environment. Based in the School of Law, the Centre supports and promotes a wide range of high-impact research activity in Environmental, Marine, Climate, Energy and Natural Resources Law. While the Centre is rooted firmly in the discipline of Law, it is engaged in significant interdisciplinary research collaborations and extensive outreach and advocacy activity.

Contemporary developments in the field of environmental human rights law, and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, inform the Centre‚Äôs activities.  Identifying, developing and promoting innovative legal and policy responses to the climate challenge is a significant focus for the Centre.

The Centre for Law and Environment carries out high-impact research within the field of environmental, marine, climate, energy and natural resources law providing a platform for broad legal and interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond UCC.

Centre Directors

Prof Owen McIntyre and Prof Aine Ryall

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