Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Atlantic (SIMAtlantic)

SIMAtlantic aims to support the establishment and implementation of the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in five European Atlantic countries. This objective will be achieved by building capacity for transboundary cooperation and undertaking concrete actions of direct relevance to competent authorities tasked with developing maritime spatial plans under the EU MSP Directive (2014/85/EU). Project partners are from academia, marine planning authorities and scientific public bodies supporting the implementation of MSP in France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland and England). The project will result in methodologies, practical guidance documents, communication tools and an Atlantic-wide data and information catalogue to assist the work of MSP authorities. MSP tools and recommendations will be applied and tested in specific pilot study areas working with planning authorities. This will culminate with an ‘Atlantic Vision’ for MSP which will reflect the characteristics of the Atlantic marine region and findings from the project work.

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July 2019


June 2021

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EMFF (EASME) Coordinator of 11 project partners from the Atlantic region. The coordinator and project manager are based in MaREI/ERI – one is directly funded from the project


Dr Anne Marie O’Hagan


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