Project Title: SIMBIOSYS

Funding Body: EPA

Project type (PhD, post-doc, etc): Postdoc

Period (start to end): October 2008-


Researcher: Lisa Dolan

Project Description

This project which involves University College Cork (UCC), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) & University College Dublin (UCD) focuses on the sectorial impacts of bioenergy crops, road landscape treatments and aquaculture on biodiversity. The project is co-ordinated by Dr Jane Stout (TCD) and here at UCC SYMBIOSIS it’s headed up by Dr. M. Emmerson and Dr. P. Whelan. 

SIMBIOSYS  is a multidisciplinary projects focusing on ecosystems services such as pollination, biocontrol by natural enemies, invasion resistance and the provision of habitat and corridor function.

Study sites cover road schemes along an East to West transect of the Island of Ireland from Kerry to Wexford, a long-term large scale experimental study on a 40km stretch of national road scheme and bioenergy crop field sites within the agricultural landscape of southeast Ireland.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork