Renewable Power-to-gas in Ireland

Renewable Power-to-Gas in Ireland

Researcher: Shane McDonagh

T: +353 87 691 5715


Funding Body: Science Foundation Ireland/Gas Networks Ireland


Project Type: PhD in Energy/Civil Engineering

Period: Sep 2016 – Sep 2019

Project Description:

As a response to Ireland’s need to decarbonise its electricity system high shares of variable/intermittent generation were integrated into the electricity grid. One result of this is the increased difficulty of matching demand and generation, and the subsequent periods of surplus renewable generation. Power-to-Gas aims to utilise this resource to create hydrogen which is then combined with carbon dioxide to create methane (synthetic natural gas). This acts as an energy storage solution and facilitates the integration of further renewable electricity, simultaneously effecting the heat and transport markets, which remain highly carbon intensive, through the injection of the produced gas into the natural gas grid.

Project Objectives:

  • Examine the costs of Power-to-Gas and its composition.

  • Develop a model to calculate the LCOE of Power-to-Gas under various scenarios.

  • Model the interaction between Power-to-Gas facilities and Ireland’s electricity market.

  • Examine the potential for cost reductions.

  • Locate niche applications and potential profitable interactions.

  • Calculate associated carbon emissions reductions.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork