Rebuilding the Irish TIMES Model and developing a soft-link to sectoral simulation models

Rebuilding the Irish TIMES Model

Name: Eamonn Mulholland

Position: PhD Researcher

T: +353 (0)21 490-5276


Project Title: Rebuilding the Irish TIMES Model and developing a soft-link to sectoral simulation models

Funding Body: Environmental Protection Agency

Project Type: PhD

Period: Sept 2014 – Sept 2018

Project Description:

The Irish TIMES model has been developed by UCC and was originally extracted from the Pan European TIMES (PET) model which includes EU27, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Balkans countries. The focus of this project is to rebuild the Irish TIMES model using localised data and remove the dependence on the PET model. In parallel UCC has already developed modelling tools (e.g. CarSTOCK model) to project future transport energy demands and explore the impact of policy. The focus of this research is to build a new transport energy systems model for Ireland within TIMES using the available detail provided by UCC’s transport energy models. In addition, this research will develop a soft-linking methodology to enable a multi-model approach for transport energy modelling between optimisation and simulation modelling tools. This will enable Irish TIMES to point to technology pathways and the simulation model to assess the role and efficacy of policy measures in delivering the technology pathways. This same approach is to be used on building a new residential energy system within Irish TIMES which involves building a residential energy systems model for Ireland drawing on the modelling tools developed in UCC that focus on the residential sector. This energy systems modelling tool will be used to infrastructure lock-in, typical technology lifetimes, demographic age categories for investing, tenant-landlord split, etc. for the residential sector in the context of a low carbon energy secure future. In addition, the project will develop soft-linking between the energy systems model and the ArDEM simulation model which was also developed by UCC.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork