Plastics free UCC; Exploring societal and marketing levers

The project aims to build upon the existing transdisciplinary capacity within UCC and the team building engendered by a recent project proposal to the EPA involving the investigators. The project seeks to develop a rigorous academic framework in seeking to understand the drivers, barriers and issues around a Green Flag/Green Campus (student) driven UCC goal as part of UCC’s Sustainability Strategy to pioneer a single-use plastics free campus by 2023, while helping realise this pioneering ambition.


A. Hughes, C. O’ Neill, E. Byrne, N. Dunphy, M. Kirrane, G. Mullally, 2020. Plastic Free UCC: How are sustainability practices enabled and encouraged to realise the vision of a single-use plastics free UCC? Environ 2020 'Ireland's Water, Energy & Environment in a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency', 30th Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium, Dublin City University, 27-29 April 2020.

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Oct 2019


Sept 2020

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UCC Green Campus Living Laboratory Seed Fund: Local Action, Global Impact


Prof Edmond Byrne, School of Engineering; Dr Claire O’Neill, Management & Marketing; Dr Gerard Mullally, Sociology; Dr Niall Dunphy, Cleaner Production Promotion Unit (CPPU) & School of Engineering; Dr Maria Kirrane, UCC Sustainability Officer, Office of the Director of Buildings & Estates, UCC


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