Phylogenetic History and Genetic Diversity of Vibrio Cholerae

Phylogenetic History and Genetic Diversity of Vibrio Cholerae

Project Title: Phylogenetic history and genetic diversity of Vibrio cholerae

Funding Body: SFI

Period: October: 2009 - October 2010

Researcher: Angela McCann

Project Description:

V. cholerae has erupted globally in seven cholera pandemics over the past 200 years. However, little is understood about its detailed epidemiology owing to a lack of resolution in the current typing methods. Our collaborators, Drs. Bo Pang and Biao Kan (China CDC), have performed genomic resequencing of 9 V. cholerae strains isolated from China. Additional genomic resequencing on V. cholerae has been performed at the Sanger Institute. These genomes represent a global sample of V. cholerae and will be used to identify high-quality informative SNPs. NimbleGen microarray analysis has also been performed by our collaborators (China CDC) to obtain SNP data on 31 strains. All informative SNPs will be used to design a SNP-typing protocol at the genomic level for Illumina BeadXpress tests. Serotype 01 El Tor strains are the aetiological agent of the 7th pandemic of cholera, from which thousands of strains have been isolated in China since 1961. Our colleagues at the CDC in China will screen this collection using these SNP assays and those results will be evaluated collaboratively to elucidate the epidemiology of the 7th pandemic in China.


McCann, A., Cotton, J.A. and McInerney, J.O. The tree of genomes: An empirical comparison of genome-phylogeny reconstruction methods (2008). BMC Evolutionary Biology, 8:312

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