PhotoZorb - A Novel Photocatalytic

PhotoZorb -A Novel Photocatalytic Technology for Odour Destruction

Researchers: Dr. Donal Keane and Prof. Michael Morris

T: +353 (0)214901965


Funding Body: Environmental Protection Agency

Programme: EPA Research Programme 2014-2020

Project Type: Project Based Award

Period:  1st February 2015 -31st January 2017


Project Description:

This proposal centres on developing novel science to address an important area of environmental control. Photocatalysts for degradation of organics is a well-developed area used in fields such as self-cleaning glass, antimicrobial surface technologies and drinking water disinfection. However, activity is limited by methods to develop very high surface engineered surfaces using simple technologies. Here we propose taking advantage of photocatalysis technology developed for the disinfection of drinking water and apply it for the destruction of odour. High surface area sorbent supports, also proven in odour control, will be employed as catalyst supports. Thus, a synergy of odour removal processes will occur: adsorption and photocatalysis. This is expected to result in a step jump in odour removal performance relative to the state of the art. This research is a bench study and a photoreactor demonstration vent unit is to be constructed for proof of principle for treatment of volatile organic carbons (VOCs), a ubiquitous component of odour. Future research would entail technology transfer of the technology to pilot plant study for the treatment of actual odours in a waste treatment facility. 'PhotoZorb' is an emerging green technology; the commercial and economic potential will also be explored during this feasibility study.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork