PCAS – Policy Coherence in Adaptation Studies: Selecting and Using Indicators of Climate Resilience

This project’s objective is to identify and select a set of climate resilience indicators for Ireland based on current international practice and tested through stakeholder engagement. It is therefore imperative that any selected indicators not only adhere to the recognised SMART criteria but are tailored to Ireland‐specific circumstances and information needs, and enriched by nationally available data, before being applied. Ensuring stakeholders have the opportunity to select indicators that best fit to Ireland’s observed and projected climatic risks and impacts, as well as its adaptation and development priorities is a non‐negotiable step. There is an increasing recognition of the necessity to integrate adaptation into society’s response to climate change and this has led to an understanding of the need for making targeted, justified, effective and cost efficient policy decisions. There is, however, an equally important need to ensure ownership and national buy‐in to any indicator set that is developed


Flood, S (2020) Poster Presentation at Adaptation Futures, New Delhi India, April 2020. Creating resilient futures: selecting and using indicators for climate adaptation.


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