Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy - Our 2050

Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy - Our 2050

Project Title: Opportunities for Ireland in a Low Carbon Economy - Our 2050

Researchers: Prof Brian Ó Gallachóir (PI), Dr Dominic O’Sullivan, Dr Lawrence Dooley, Dr Fionn Rogan, Dr Mitra Kami Delivand, Dr Yuri Alcocer, Dr Gideon Fadiran, Xiufeng Yue, Colm Gallagher, Camella Bailey, Alessia Elia

Funding Body: NTR Foundation/SFI

Period:  2015 - 2018

Project Description:

This project will add significant value to the unique energy modelling capabilities in UCC by building an ambitious new strand of research expertise in Ireland on the economic opportunities arising from the transition to a low carbon economy. The project research team are a multi-disciplinary collaboration between researchers in the Energy Policy and Modelling Group, the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group, and the Department of Management and Marketing. The project will provide the bridge between information generation and entrepreneurial business activity. Identifying and enabling the opportunities requires a critical mass of trained researchers, a big picture perspective and micro level detail, appropriately developed tools and a combination of ambitious research and engagement with industry, finance and business.

The research will:

  1. explore low carbon energy futures for Ireland with an emphasis on resilience in a large number of scenarios of varying ambition, risk and cost
  2. identify technology opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ireland over the next 35 years arising from a low carbon energy future
  3. assess in detail the value chain for these opportunities in order to determine genuine win-wins for Ireland
  4. develop an innovation system to enable delivery of these opportunities. 

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork