New approaches to detecting trace halogen-containing compounds in the atmosphere

New Approaches to Detecting Trace Halogen-containing Compounds

Researcher: Jun Chen

Telephone: 00353 21 4901962

Project Description

Funding Body: SFI
Programme: Postgraduate Research
Project type: PhD  
Period: Dec 2006 to Dec 2009   

This research project is going to design and built a spectrometer based on incoherent broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (IBBCES). The goal of this spectrometer is to have level of ppt sensitivity with good spatial and temporal resolution. Simultaneously the system can be extended to detect other halogen containing compounds such as OClO.

The role of halogen containing species in destruction of stratospheric ozone is relatively well understood, but their impact in troposphere is much less certain.  Trace concentrations of bromine compounds have a potent effect on ozone concentrations, but they are exceedingly to be measured in at the typical troposphere abundances.

This spectrometer will be tested in the field, subsequently; field use will examine the fate of BrO in the troposphere and help understand the impact of those halogen-containing compounds on the global atmosphere.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork