Networked Embedded System (NEMBES)

Researcher:                Farhan Manzoor

T:                                 0214205400


Funding Body:            HEA

Project Type:              Researchers

Period:                        October 2007


Project Description: ……..


Networked Embedded System  (NEMBES)


NEMBES is an inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary research programme that will investigate a "whole system" approach to the design of networked embedded systems, marrying expertise in hardware, software and networking with the design and management of built environments. 

Networked Embedded Systems enable fine-grain sensing, monitoring and control and information gathering/delivery in science, engineering, manufacturing, energy, environment/ecology, daily living, healthcare, agriculture, traffic, security and many other applications at scales from the personal to the national and international.

Embedded systems have become a pervasive part of almost every aspect of working and living – 90% of the world’s microprocessors are embedded – and almost every modern convenience, industry and business would grind to a halt without them.

Global research is now focusing on networking of embedded systems to create an internet of co-operating intelligent objects – the “internet of things” – and, just as the internet has transformed our lives beyond recognition, the internet of things is forecast to have the same effect over the next two decades.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork