The Effect of Naphthalene Emissions on Air Quality

The Effect of Naphthalene Emissions on Air Quality

Funding Body (EPA, FP7, etc): EPA

Project type (PhD, post-doc, etc): PhD

Period (start to end):

Oct. 2008 to Oct. 2011

Project Description 

Naphthalene is the most abundant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon detected in urban air and contributes to photochemical air pollution.  In this project a detailed programme of laboratory experiments will be performed on the atmospheric degradation of naphthalene.  The yield and chemical composition of secondary organic aerosol produced from these reactions will be investigated and new information on the atmospheric reactivity of the major oxidation products will also be obtained.  This experimental data will be used to construct a validated chemical mechanism that can be used to predict the impact of naphthalene emissions on regional air quality.


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[2] Shumin Zhang, Xiaojun Wang, Xiuying Hao, Yang CHEN; Polyploid Induction of Saussurea involucrata Kir; Acta Agriculturae Boreali-Occidentalis Sinica, 2008, 17(1) 216-220.

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