Marine Biodiscovery - Screening & Culturing: establish and implement a screening and culturing process for isolation of bioactive compounds from marin

Marine Biodiscovery - Screening & Culturing: establish and implement a screening and culturing process for isolation of bioactive compounds from marine

Funding Body : Beaufort Marine Research Award

Project type:  Post-Doctoral

Period:  June 2007 – June 2015

Researcher: Jonathan Kennedy

Project Description

Culture dependent and independent (metagenomic) based approaches will be employed to study the microbial biodiversity of various marine ecosystems, such as marine sponges. These approaches will be used to identify different microorganisms (or clones from metagenomic libraries), which produce bioactive compounds with potential anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-biofouling activities. This will involve the use of novel heterologous expression systems, together with high–throughput screening systems. Candidate microorganisms and clones will be genetically characterised to gain a better understanding of the biochemical pathways involved in the production of these bioactive compounds. In addition efforts will focus on elucidating the effects of these bioactives on the target microorganisms at the molecular level.



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