Researcher:                Hryshchenko, Browne, Mo, Deng

T:                                 0214205400


Funding Body:            SFI

Project Type:              Researchers

Period:                        2007 – 2012


Project Description: ……..

Information and Communication Technology

for Sustainable and Optimised Building Operation    (ITOBO)


The construction sector in Ireland contributes more than 20% of the Irish GDP while buildings account for approx. 40% of Ireland’s energy usage, contributing to over 30% of CO2 emissions. 

The goal is to improve asset management while supplementing efforts to fulfil the Kyoto Protocol requirements.

Thus ITOBO will...

  • enhance the management of large-scale, complex networks, services, and mobile users through introducing new network and management protocols
  • develop frameworks and algorithms to support mixed-initiative configuration for energy efficient buildings
  • design a system architecture that will support scale-free composition of service coalitions
  • support seamless end-to-end network composition and service operation through sensor and RFID hardware with dynamic features

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork