Investigage & Construct Combined Power and Gas Model of the EU-28 Member States

Power & Gas Models of the EU-28 Member States

Researcher: Maitiu O Ciarain

T: 353 21 420-5275 


Full Project Title: Investigate & Construct a Combined Power and Gas Model of the EU-28 Member States 

Funding Body: Energy Policy & Modelling Goup

Degree: Research Masters (MScEng) in Power Systems Modelling

Period: September 2014 – September 2015

Project Description:

In the changing global landscape of energy supply and demand the impact energy sources can have one another is becoming an increasingly complex issue. The proposed project will account for major current and planned gas infrastructure and integrate this with the existing power model, with both models constructed using PLEXOS. This integrated model will allow full dynamic behaviour between the power and gas markets. By integrating the electricity and gas networks a fuller picture of the Pan-European energy system can be obtained and allow for real insights to hopefully inform policy.

With the declined demand for gas across Europe and the questions surrounding security of supply some potential question for the model may include:

  • The impact of a freeze in supply from a particular source.
  • The ramifications of depending heavily on single sources for gas
  • Adequate system capacity?
  • The ability of LNG to alleviate the above.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork