Investigation of Novel Coating Materials and Methods for Implant Materials

Investigation of Novel Coating Materials

Project Title: Investigation of Novel Coating Materials and Methods For Implant Materials

Funding Body: DePuy, Enterprise Ireland

Project Type: Post Doctoral Fellow

Period: October 2010 – October 2011

Researcher: Paul Delaney

Project description:

The project is based on novel coating layers for orthopaedic implants. Orthopaedic implant devices are intended to restore the function of load-bearing joints which are subjected to high level of mechanical stresses, wear, and fatigue in the course of normal activity. Use of implanting metals into the bone can reduce the load on the bone surrounding the implant, however because new bone remodels itself depending on the loads applied to it, bone resorption occurs around the implant which leads to loosening.  The ideal material for more successful joint replacements needs similar stiffness, but higher strength compared with cortical bone. It also needs to be bioactive, encouraging bone growth onto the implant.



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Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork