Intelligent Use of Buildings Energy Information

Intelligent Use of Buildings Energy Information (IntUBE)

Researcher:                D Browne

T:                                 0214205400


Funding Body:            EU FP7

Project Type:              Researchers

Period:                        May   08 to April 11


Project Description: ……..

IntUBE will lead to increased life-cycle energy efficiency of the buildings without compromising the comfort or performance of the buildings by integrating the latest developments in ICT-field into Intelligent Building and Neighbourhood Management Systems (IBMS and NMS) and by presenting new ICT-enabled business models for energy-information related service provision. 

The goal is to improve energy efficiency by 20% before 2020.

Thus intUBE will...

  • Use the existing building stock more efficiently with the help of the new tools and business models developed in IntUBE. The solutions will also be applicable to new buildings.
  • The results of IntUBE will benefit many actors in the building sector like the owners, the users, the energy service providers, maintenance service providers, etc in form of well-performing buildings that use the natural resources (especially energy) optimally, resulting in less environmental effects and reduced life-cycle costs of energy.

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Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork