Improved Modelling Frameworks for Energy Policy

Improved modelling frameworks for energy policy

Project Title: Improved modelling frameworks for energy policy using integrated energy systems modelling

Researcher: Emma Hanley

T: +353 (0)21 490 1970


Funding Body (EPA, FP7, etc): EPA

Project type (PhD, post-doc, etc): PhD

Period (start to end): Jan 2016 –Dec 2018

Project description:

The focus of the PhD is on the use of the Irish TIMES Integrated Energy System model to improve the scientific frameworks underpinning policy decisions.  The linear optimisation mathematical techniques already existing in TIMES will be enhanced to capture and reflect varying policy and technical decisions facing Ireland’s effective transition to zero/low-carbon energy system. The use of the Irish TIMES model can help address the challenge of balancing the need for economic competitiveness, sustainability and energy security. The research will focus on analysing the outcomes of different policy measures that could be introduced to allow Ireland to achieve this balance. Additionally, the emergence of hydrogen in low-carbon pathways will be investigated.


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