Identifying Interactions 4 SDG Implementation in Ireland (SDGs4I)

The SDGs aim to achieve human development goals without compromising the integrity and stability of the planetary system to provide for future generations. The SDGs4I project explores these global aspirations against national goals in Ireland to understand the nature of interactions between SDGs and targets - negative and positive - and their implication for coherent planning and efficient policy design in Ireland to reflect national context, perspectives and priorities. The project specifically addresses SDG target 17.14 to “enhance policy coherence for sustainable development” to explore;

1. Integrating policy analysis: to ensure that proposed policies, programmes and targets are supportive of nationally tailored SDGs;

2. Coordinating institutional mechanisms: to create formal partnerships across sectoral line departments and agencies;

3. Developing tools: to help clarify and articulate the interconnected system of goals and targets and to analyse and inform key policies, programs and projects for their impact on nationally tailored SDGs.

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Environmental Protection Agency


Martin Le Tissier, Hester Whyte


Climate Action, Healthy Environment