Identification of Novel Marine Derived Antimmicrobial Compounds

Identification of Novel Marine Derived Antimmicrobial Compounds

Funding Body: Marie curie transfer of knowledge fellowship

Project Type: Post doc

Period : 01/9/08 – 31/08/10

Researcher: David Lejon

Project Description

My project is a part of TRAMWAYS research programme. TRAMWAYS stands for Transfer of Knowledge in Microbial Signal Transduction Pathways and Metagenomics

TRAMWAYS is a Marie-Curie Transfer of Knowledge funded programme that will run from 2007 until 2010. The strategic goal of the TOK programme is to develop and embed research capabilities at UCC in advanced technologies relevant to bacterial and fungal signal transduction pathways.  The scientific goals of the programme are to (a) acquire new expertise in the use of the zebrafish as an alternative animal model to study pathogenic bacteria and fungi and (b) acquire metagenomic expertise to identify novel bioactive compounds that may influence virulence in human hosts. I’m particularly involved in this latter part.


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International Patent

Maron PA, Lejon D, Bizet K & Carvalho E Méthode d'extraction d'acides nucléiques et son application dans l'analyse de la population microbienne de l'air. In Numéro de publication: FR2861085. PCT/FR2004/002613

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