Modelling Pumped Hydro Storage

Modelling Pumped Hydro Storage

Funding Period: March 2009- Feb 2012  (3 years)

Funding by: Eirgrid

Researcher: Paul Deane

Project Description:

Following on from recent Eirgrid Generation Adequacy Reports (GAR 2008 – 2014, GAR 2009 – 2015), the All Island Grid Study (AIGS) and Eirgrid’s GRID25 report, this PhD study by UCC’s Sustainability Energy Research Group wishes to analyse and address a number of key concerns highlighted by these reports.

The rapid development of wind power generation, with its inherently variable nature, is forecast to increase significantly over the next number of years. Portfolio 5 within the AIGS examined the operational and socio-economic aspects of 42% penetration of wind energy.

The AIGS concluded that high levels of renewable energy penetration into the Irish system is technically possible provided significant investment is made in network reinforcement and market mechanisms to facilitate the installation of complementary flexible-dispatchable plant are put in place. The existing pumped storage system at Turlough Hill and currently installed peaking plants are two such forms of complementary plant.

Current modeling tools do not capture all the characteristics that pumped storage provide. This is usually because the models have perfect or near perfect foresight. The ability to incorporate the uncertainty that the dispatcher sees into a model would be improve the modelling of pumped storage.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork