Human Impacts on Native Plant Communities

Human Impacts on Native Plant Communities

Project Title: Human Impacts on Native Plan Communities

WP1: Bioenergy crops

WP2: Road landscaping

Researcher: Rosalyn Thompson

T: 353 21 490-1951

E: :

Funding Body:  EPA under NDP (National Development Plan)

Programme: STRIVE 2008-2013

Project Type: Plant Science (mine)

Period:  2008 - 

Project Description

Human Impacts on native plant communities
(i)Roads:  the landscaping of National Roads and (ii) Agriculture: the impact of new Energy crops on the agricultural landscape.

Both are from the plant community's perspective.

What and where do differences in the plant communities lie, depending on how the wider verge is landscaped (i.e. do any have more 'native' communities, are any less open to invasion by non-native invasive species, are there any eco-service benefits in terms of resources to pollinators). Are novel energy crops having an impact on plant communities in the agricultural landscape? 

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork