Gap: The Marine and Maritime sectors (M&M) is a high priority for the EU. However, the M&M is seriously exposed to the alignment between Research and Innovation (R&I), societal actors and the environment, affecting its performance and competitiveness and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation).

Aim: GRRIP will embed sustainable RRI practices in 4 research performing organisations (RPO) and 1 dual function RPO and research funding organisation (RPO/RFO) (total 5 RPO&RFO) in the Marine and Maritime (M&M) sectors through Action Plans (AP) for institutional and cultural change. This will be accompanied by establishing a platform for engagement with the Quadruple Helix (QH) for each RPO&RFO, and a platform for mutual learning between the 5 RPO&RFOs and QHs.

M&M Centres getting action plans are:

• MaREI, University college Cork, Ireland

• Plocan, Gran Canaria

• Wavec, Lisbon, Portugal

• EC Nante, France

• Swansea University, Wales


Stages of RRI action plan creation will be:

· Audit of RPO/RFO for current performance against RRI/

· Action plans , listing the number of institutional changes and time lines

· Implementation of the Action plan

· Monitoring and Evaluation of the Action Plan

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Jan 2019


Dec 2022

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H2020 SwafS5 2018 Budget: Total: €1.5M - UCC award €0.34M Partner number : · Academic expert partners 7 · Case study demo partners 5


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