Extreme Wave-Structure Interactions

Extreme Wave-Structure Interactions

Project Title:  Extreme wave-structure interactions

Researcher: Mr. Patrick O’Kelly Lynch

T: 021 4904634

E: patrick_okl@umail.ucc.ie  , paul.leahy@ucc.ie

Funding Body: Science Foundation Ireland – Marine Renewable Energy Ireland Platform Projecct

Project type: PhD Studentship

Period: 2014-2018


Project Description: (approx. 150 words):

This project will develop a numerical model to predict the interaction of extreme waves with fixed and floating platform support structures, and determine the highest wave elevation, associated kinematics, and wave loading.  The project will use directionally focused wave theory to estimate the extreme event in a given sea spectrum, and then drive a 2D Boussinesq-shallow water equation model to estimate run-up and diffraction by the platform support structure (represented by single and multiple cylinders).  The highest elevations and gap spacing will then determine the base elevation of the platform superstructure, and this will then influence design.

Supervisors: Dr. David Henry, School of Mathematical Sciences, Dr. Paul Leahy, Civil & Environmental Engineering/ERI.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork