An evaluation of the logistics of the utilisation of compressed natural gas and compressed biomethane as a transport fuel in Ireland

Compressed Natural Gas & Compressed Biomethane as Transport Fuel

An Evaluation of the Logistics of the Utilisation of Compressed Natural Gas and Compressed Biomethane as a Transport Fuel in Ireland

Contact Details

Researcher:  Beatrice Smyth,
under supervision of Dr Jerry Murphy &  Dr Brian Ó Gallachóir

Telephone:  00 353 (0)21 4901982

Funding body: Bord Gáis Éireann
Programme: Industrial Funding
Project type: PhD
Period: November 2007 – October 2010

Project Description

To date, much of the discussion in Ireland on biofuels for transport has focussed on liquid biofuels, such as biodiesel and bioethanol.  However, there are limits on the quantity of land available for these crops and so also on the total energy output.  Previous work by this research group has shown that the generation of biofuel from grass in the form of biomethane requires only a quarter of the land needed to produce the equivalent amount of biodiesel from rapeseed.  In addition to this, there is significantly more land available for grass in Ireland, which has ten times more grassland than arable land.

Compressed biomethane is almost identical to compressed natural gas, which is currently used as a transport fuel in many countries worldwide.  A growing number of countries, such as Sweden and Austria, are also using compressed biomethane (either on its own or combined with natural gas) as a standard transport fuel.

This project will explore scenarios for compressed biomethane/natural gas penetration against the context of growing transport energy demand to 2020 and 2050.  The thesis will consist of a series of papers on compressed natural gas and compressed biomethane utilised as a transport fuel.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork