Environmental and Legislative Considerations of Power to Gas systems

Environmental and Legislative Considerations of Power to Gas Systems

 Researcher: Thi Quynh Truc Vo

T: 353 857552617

E: truc.vo@ucc.ie

Funding Body: Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI)


Project Type: PhD

Period: Jan 2014 – Dec 2016


Project Description:

Power to Gas (P2G) is a method to convert electrical power to gaseous fuel in the form of hydrogen or methane. This is promising technology for the surplus electricity storage in the future. The project will consider the environmental impacts of power to gas systems in marine environments and examine the legal authorisation likely to be associated with these projects. Initially the project will examine the form the Power to Gas system will take: the source (and cost) of electricity to produce the hydrogen; the type of electrolysis system; the hours of operation; the method of converting hydrogen to methane (catalytic or biological); the source (and the cost) of carbon dioxide.

The project will make the case for why we need such a technology converting marine renewable electricity to a gaseous fuel. It will examine the requirement to store surplus renewable electricity as the portion of renewable variable electricity comes on line increases as a percentage of the capacity of the electric grid. This will include for a comparison of Power to Gas systems with other storage mechanisms, such as Pumped Hydro Electricity Storage (PHES). This comparison will include for round cycle energy efficiency, costs of storage of energy, length of storage of energy, change of vector from electricity to a source of transport or heat.

The project will examine what the system will look like and the logistics of its operation. It will include for a GIS of potential resource in Ireland. It will assess likely scale, visual appearance, environmental impacts associated with construction, commissioning, and operation and decommissioning


Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork