Energy Security in Energy Systems Modelling

Techno-economic Energy Security Modelling

Researcher: James Glynn
Position: PhD
T: 353 (0)21 490-1959
F: 353 (0)21 490-1932

Project Title: Energy Security in Energy Systems Modelling

Funding Body: Higher Education Authority, Graduate Research Engineering Programme in Energy (GREP-ENERGY)

Period: October 2011 - September 2015

Project Description:

Ireland imports 88% of its energy requirements. Oil makes up 59% of total final consumption (TFC) of energy. Import dependency, low fuel diversity and volatile prices leave Ireland vulnerable in terms of energy security.

This research in the energy policy and modelling group focuses on developing methodologies to assess energy security through multiple computational modelling approaches. The national energy systems model, Irish TIMES has been used to understand how the Irish energy system would evolve under scenarios of constrained oil supply. Work is ongoing on reconceptualising “energy security” through the development of national energy security indices, rather than focusing on security of supply metrics. Recent modelling work has commenced developing understanding the welfare impacts to the macro-economy of energy insecurity and climate change mitigating energy system scenarios through integrated assessment models of the energy-economic system.



Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork