Modelling of Residential Sector Energy Consumption

Modelling of Residential Sector Energy Consumption

Project Title: Modelling of Residential Sector Energy Cosnumption

Funding Body: IRCSET

Period: Oct 2009 - Sept 2012

Researcher: Denis Dineen


This research continues with earlier work Denis carried out as part of his Masters thesis on bottom up modeling of energy consumption in the Irish residential sector entitled: “Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector 1990-2020”. The first step will be to develop a detailed model of the electricity consumption of lighting and appliances in households. This end-use has seen significant growth in the past 15 years and is an area which is currently lacking both detailed information and analysis. Further work will see the heat flow model from the Masters thesis incorporate this work done on electricity consumption and developed further to include modeling of the retrofitting of the existing housing stock and the effects of occupant behaviour.


Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork