Emerging new nano-technologies for separation of ethanol and water

Emerging New Nano-technologies for Separation of Ethanol & Water

Emerging New Nano-technologies for Separation of Ethanol & Water for Bio-ethanol Production

Researchers:  Donal Keane, Prof Michael Morris
E-mail:  Donal.keane@ucc.ie, m.morris@ucc.ie
Telephone:  00 353 (0)21 4901965, 00 353 (0)21 4902108/3301

Funding Body: EPA
Programme: STRIVE
Project type: Post-doc
Period: 2007-2009

Project description: Renewable energy sources are a cornerstone of environmental policy.  Ethanol is the most promising biofuel.  As petrol additive it increases octane number and combustion efficiency but decreases exhaust emissions.  Increasing petroleum costs are making bioethanol commercially viable.  An azeotrope limits distillation to 95% ethanol/water mixtures but for fuel use the ethanol must be anhydrous.  Various methods for dehydration exist but add significant costs.  Pervaporation (PV) is emerging as the most environmentally sound method for dehydration but is in its infancy.  This proposal seeks to study a series of novel nanomaterials emerging from UCC for use in the PV process.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork