Developing and Assessing a Monitoring Strategy for Burrow Nesting Seabirds in Ireland

Developing and Assessing a Monitoring Strategy for Seabirds

Project Title: Developing and assessing a monitoring strategy for burrow nesting seabirds in Ireland

Researchers: Prof John Quinn, School of BEES; Dr Mark Jessopp, MaREI Centre

PhD student: Mr Gavin Arneill, School of BEES

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Funding Body: National Parks & Wildlife Service

Project type: PhD Research

Period: Apr 2015 - 2018


Project Description:

Ireland has an international obligation to protect its seabird populations and yet does not have reliable population estimates, let alone trends, for many species. The reasons for this are numerous but challenges associated with censusing nocturnal and burrow nesting species are especially important. This has led to large inaccuracies in population estimates, and unrealiable estimates of trends in populations. This research will compare the ability and efficiency of a range of sampling techniques to census populations of puffins, Manx shearwaters, and storm petrels at multiple sites. It will also critically assess the accuracy of historical estimates of population sizes and model the ability of different census techniques to detect changes in the populations.


Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork