Climate Change, Behaviour and Community response - a Blueprint for Action

Climate Change, Behaviour and Community Response

Project Title: Climate Change, Behaviour and Community Response – a Blueprint for Action

Researcher: Clare Watson

T: (021) 4901970


Funding Body :Environmental Protection Agency

Project type: Medium Scale Project

Period: 36 months from Jan 2015 until Dec 2017


Project Description: 

While scientific knowledge indicates that we need to act now in response to climate change, it is clear that the reaction at institutional, community and individual levels within Ireland and elsewhere has not been adequate to meet the challenge.

This is an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research project drawing on social scientific, climate mitigation technology and policy perspectives. It focuses on community response, and on the gap between information and knowledge, and climate action.

The project aims to:

  • understand how behaviour and values affect our response to climate change
  • explore the gap between information and knowledge, and an effective response
  • understand why people engage, or not, in local initiatives on climate action (mitigation and/or adaptation)
  • identify policy, participation, and communication procedures which effectively engage citizens and local decision-makers
  • develop a framework for action on climate change at community level

The project will research:

  • the influence of behaviour, beliefs, and social and cultural norms
  • the potential for innovative and creative methods
  • the role of technology, grants and incentives, taxes and punitive measures
  • the importance of benefits and barriers and the part to be played by government, statutory and voluntary agencies, and communication systems within an Irish context.



Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork