Climate change in the Republic of Ireland: Societal health Impacts and Solutions (CRISIS)

The CRISIS project aims to increase public preparedness against the negative health effects of climate change. The project consists of six distinct but interlinked research work packages, which create a nexus between climate, health & wellbeing and, importantly, economics. Notably, the CRISIS project hosts the first national survey assessing the wellbeing impacts of climate change using appropriate psychological measures, providing quantitative insight into previously unsubstantiated societal traits. Moreover, building on existing datasets, a climate change and health data repository, namely the spatiotemporal “Climate Health” dataset, will be created allowing for the development of (i) a quantitative risk model of direct and indirect climate change impacts on human health and wellbeing, and (ii) forecasted risks to health and wellbeing in response to climate change. Finally, the CRISIS project adds increased value through the inclusion of an econometric work package to inform planning decisions, healthcare infrastructure, medical education and improved diagnoses would be absent

Quick Facts


Mar 2020


Mar 2023

Funded By

Environmental Protection Agency


Dr Jean O’Dwyer (PI) and Dr Maggie Nyhan (Co-PI)


Climate Action, Healthy Environment



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