Biodiversity Change in the Irish Uplands (BioUp)

Biodiversity Change in the Irish Uplands (BioUp)

Researchers: Roslyn Anderson, Dr Mark Emmerson and Prof John O’Halloran {in conjunction with Nadine Kramm (PhD student) and Dr Eileen O’Rourke (Geography)}

Contact Details
Telephone: +353 (0)21 490 1944

Project Description

Funding Body: SFI (Science Foundation Ireland)
Project type: PhD
Period: Sept 2006-Sept 2009

BioUp is an interdisciplinary project, combining ecology with socio-economics and highly relevant in light of recent changes in European agricultural policy which have led to reduced sheep numbers on the hills, often resulting in severe under-grazing.

We are interested in the way in which different levels of farmland management in the uplands of County Kerry affect the biodiversity present in these areas. By sampling vegetation, invertebrates and birds and modelling links between upland environments, biodiversity, farming practices and socio-economic policy, a useful tool will be produced to help upland managers predict change and hence gauge their management accordingly. The integration of empirical and theoretical approaches will provide a comprehensive view of management in the uplands.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork