Researcher:                 Hryshchenko, Browne, Mo, Deng

T:                                 0214205400


Funding Body:            EU FP7

Project Type:              Researchers

Period:                        May 12 to Apr 2015


Project Description: ……..

The BaaS system aims to optimize energy performance in the application domain of “non-residential buildings, in operational stage. In the building operational life-cycle three significant tasks have to be continuously performed:

  • collect information and assess the buildings current state;
  • predict the effect that various decisions will have to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • optimize performance

A generic ICT-enabled system will be developed to provide integrated assess, predict, optimize (APO) services that guarantee harmonious and parsimonious use of available resources. BaaS is supported on four objectives:

  • Data Management from various in- and out-of-building sources: An (IFC-based) BIM server and DWH will act as central repositories for all static and dynamic building data. Other ICT systems and external web services, like a weather station or a weather forecast services, will be considered as data sources.
  • System integration and interoperability concepts, based on standards and open source projects, will be applied on an Event-Driven SOA-based platform.
  • Building thermal modeling and simulation for energy performance estimation, baselining, model assisted design of control and FDD.
  • APO services: Anomaly identification (e.g. fault detection) and diagnosis services using sensed and simulated data; and Integrated and fully automated building automation and control design services.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork