Appropriate Working Environments (AWE DoS)

Appropriate Working Environments (AWE DoS)

Project Title: Appropriate Working Environments ("AWE")

Funding Period: June-2009 to July-2010

Funding By: Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
                   Enterprise Ireland
                   Industry Partners
                            Intel, Kildare, Ireland
                            Xerox, Dundalk, Ireland
                            Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland
                            DePuy (Johnson & Johnson), Cork, Ireland

Researcher: Dr. Dominic O'Sullivan


Project Description 

The aim of this research is to investigate practical methods of reducing the cost of providing “appropriate working environments” for product, people and machines in Irish Manufacturing Plants. The most common high energy users in semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and medical device facilities are cleanrooms and laboratories. The HVAC systems which support these controlled environments are obvious targets when tying to reduce energy consumption costs. The primary focus of the project is to examine energy efficient methods of reducing facility energy usage whilst maintaining the optimum environmental criteria for people, product and machinery.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork