Agricultural Policy-Induced Landscape Changes (AGRIPOPES)

AGRIcultural POlicy-Induced landscaPe changes (AGRIPOPES)

Funding Body: IRCSET
Programme: Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme
Project type: PhD
Period: October 2006 - October 2009
Researchers: Catherine Palmer, Mark Emmerson and Alexi Pokrovskii

Contact Details 
Telephone:  00 353 (021) 490 1944

The AGRIcultural POlicy-Induced landscaPe changes (AGRIPOPES) project is a European wide project with ten member countries. Amongst other objectives, the aim of the AGRIPOPES project is to examine the effects of agricultural intensification on biodiversity across Europe. The project combines empirical and theoretical studies and I hope to apply mathematical approaches to model biocontrol food web dynamics.  This theoretical side of the project will combine research from the disciplines of Ecology and Mathematics- I am co-supervised by Alexei Pokrovskii from the Applied Mathematics department.  In particular, I aim to model the way in which indirect effects (caused by agricultural intensification) spread throughout biocontrol food webs and to develop models to explore how the effects of natural enemy diversity affect the magnitude of trophic cascades.

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork