The cutting-edge research being undertaken by the Environmental Research Institute is focused on solving some of the most pressing challenges facing society today – addressing climate change, creating a healthy environment and developing a circular economy.

As a policy maker, you are in the same position.

Embedding expert knowledge into your policy process is of the utmost importance to deliver evidence-based policies which have a meaningful impact.

And we are keen to translate our scientific research findings into real-world solutions.

So let’s work together.

The ERI has previously worked with Irish and European policy makers to inform policies in the areas of:

  • Influencing national policy on air quality
  • High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative
  • 2018 Quadrennial Assessment Report on “Environmental effects of ozone depletion and its interactions with climate change”.  
  • Ocean health
  • Climate Adaptation Framework
  • National Mitigation Plan
  • Clean Water and Sanitation

If you would like to engage with our researchers please get in touch. Visit our people to identify an expert in your area of interest.