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Professor Brian Ó Gallachóir presents to the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action

12 Dec 2018

On December 12th MaREI Director Brian Ó Gallachóir presented to the Oireachtas Committee Climate Action about MaREI’s research findings on climate action relating to medium term, long term and community energy.

Accompanied by Research Fellows Dr James Glynn and Dr Fionn Rogan and PhD Researcher Clare Watson of the Environmental Research Institute’s Energy Policy and Modelling Group (EPMG), Professor Ó Gallachóir also outlined the key policy insights stemming from research conducted by the group. The EPMG is the only national research team to have developed scenarios to explore long-term possible energy futures for Ireland.

Key Policy Insights Included:

  • We have introduced some successful measures but not enough
  • Ireland’s gap to target for mandatory 2030 target is approx. 100 Mt CO2
  • Early and sustained climate action is essential and requires political leadership
  • Energy transition = efficiency, bioenergy, renewable electricity andCCS.
  • Don’t forget 28% of households experiencing energy poverty
  • More community development approaches needed in community energy

Professor Ó Gallachóir also invited the members of the Committee to visit the MaREI research centre in the Environmental Research Institute to partake in more in-depth discussions with researchers.

Here you can read Professor Ó Gallachóir’s Opening Statement to the Oireachtas Committee, you can see the presentation made to the Committee here.

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