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15 Dec 2017

Dr Áine Ryall (UCC School of Law and ERI) was this month (11 December 2017) elected Vice Chair of the UN ECE Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in Geneva. 

The Aarhus Convention is an international multilateral environmental agreement which guarantees the public, including NGOs: the right of access to information; the right to participate in decision-making; and the right of access to justice in environmental matters.  It is key to protecting the right to live in an environment that is adequate to health and well-being.  The Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee comprises nine international legal experts who review submissions from the public and make findings and recommendations concerning compliance with Convention obligations by the 47 States who have ratified the Convention.  Dr Ryall, who recently served as a member of the Expert Advisory Group to the Citizens’ Assembly on climate change, is a qualified barrister and teaches and researches environmental law, climate law and EU law at UCC.

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