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How to cut CO2 emissions and income tax at the same time

8 Jan

There is an approach to reducing emissions that would boost growth and spur innovations at no exchequer cost.

Joseph Curtin , School of Accounting, Finance and Information Systems, UCC and ERI, also Senior Research Fellow with responsibility for climate change policy at Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) and project leader of the Climate-Smart Agriculture project discusses in an Irish times article how Ireland has failed to get to grips with it's climate targets. Over the past month, the Citizens' Asssembly, the Climate Change Advisory Council, and the Environmental Protection Agency have all called for urgent new measures to meet Ireland's climate obligations. A New Climate Institute report ranked Ireland last in Europe, and even EU Commissioner Phil Hogan stated that "Ireland needs to wake up, and fast...", on climate change. To read more of this article please click here 

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