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GEMS/Water Centre at ERI launching new online courses

2 Nov 2018
Gougane Barra in County Cork

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) modules are short courses for professionals looking to expand their knowledge in specific areas relevant to their work.

These new modules offered by the UN Environment GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre, in conjunction with University College Cork (UCC), are aimed at individuals involved in all aspects of freshwater quality management, staff in higher education and research, and industry staff responsible for water use, wastewater treatment and discharge.

  • The modules are accredited by UCC and delivered entirely online in conjunction with the UCC Centre for Continuous Professional Development.
  • Each module is twelve weeks in duration with one new lesson per week.
  • The assessment for each module comprises two online Multiple Choice Question tests.
  • Modules EV6012 - EV6015 commence in January 2019 and applications will be accepted from November 2018. 

The modules are stand-alone, credit-bearing modules at postgraduate level and may be used as credits in other appropriate degree and diploma programmes. See for more information on ECTS Transfer of Credits.


EV6012 Freshwater monitoring programme design

This module introduces a step-by-step process of designing a monitoring programme. Particular focus is placed on using the objectives of the monitoring programme to define the placement of monitoring stations, methods used and parameters to be tested.

EV6013 Quality assurance for freshwater quality monitoring

To ensure data are reliable and comparable, a monitoring programme should have an associated quality assurance programme. This module investigates how to apply quality assurance processes, covering fieldwork and laboratory techniques and the different options available for both.

EV6014 Data handling, assessment and presentation for freshwater quality monitoring

This module focuses on the effective use of data acquired from monitoring water quality. Statistical techniques and the associated presentation of results are introduced, together with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and how they can be used for data storage, analysis and presentation.

EV6015 Water quality monitoring and assessment in rivers, lakes and reservoirs

This module introduces the hydrological, biological and chemical features of river systems, lakes and reservoirs. It demonstrates how an understanding of these features is necessary for effective monitoring programme design and appropriate interpretation of water quality data.

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