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European Parliament Committee on Fisheries visit BEES/ERI

21 Sep 2018

On Sept 17th, the European Committee on Fisheries mission to Ireland paid a visit to the UCC School of BEES North Mall Campus to hear about the ongoing teaching and research activities being conducted by BEES, MaREI, AFDC and the ERI in relation to aquaculture and fisheries.

The delegation, which consisted of five members of the European Parliament, including Irish MEPs Sean Kelly and Liadh Ní Riada, along with two members of the Secretariat of the Committee on Fisheries, were on a week-long mission to Cork to hear first-hand about the difficulties facing the Irish fishing industry.   Ms Ní Riada, who sits on the Fisheries Committee in Europe, originally proposed the visit in order to illustrate the unique problems faced by Irish fishermen to EU officials.

“I am delighted that this mission is finally going ahead. It has been a long, hard campaign to get it but if we can show them the dire straits the Irish fishing industry is in and perhaps affect some of the decision making in Europe then it will have been worth it,” she said in advance of the visit.

Professor Culloty and Professor Wheeler provided the delegation with an overview of the research activities in the School of BEES and the AFDC, highlighting key projects in the areas of circular economy, aquaculture, marine ecosystem biodiversity and marine and coastal governance.

The group also received a tour of the AFDC tank facilities and had the opportunity to ask questions of BEES researchers in relation to issues such as plastic pollution, wildlife conservation, shellfish health and fish farming. MEP Sean Kelly expressed his gratitude to the researchers for their ongoing efforts in relation to the understanding and protection of the Irish marine ecosystem, and advised that the key issues raised during the visit would be relayed to the European Parliament.

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