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Celebrating Inspiring Women of UCC

8 Mar 2019

Celebrating Inspiring Women of UCC 

"Professor Sarah Culloty, Director of UCC’s Environmental Research Institute (ERI), has displayed a remarkable ability to balance all aspects of an academic career - excellence in her research discipline in marine biology, innovation in teaching and learning and academic leadership in diverse roles.

Since participating in the selection committee for her initial academic appointment in UCC, I have been impressed by the development of her career and the impact she has had within the University and more broadly, interfacing with external stakeholders nationally and internationally, for example through collaborative European projects.

Some of the most significant research contributions from Sarah’s team include understanding key drivers of disease development in marine organisms, the development of diagnostics for aquatic animal health and informing EU policy on aquatic animal biosecurity. Her impact as Director of ERI has been transformative, with an enviable ability to inspire cohesion among diverse PIs across disciplines.

While individual staff members had valuable expertise concerning sustainability, climate change and more, under Sarah’s leadership, ably supported by Paul Bolger, ERI Manager, and the MaREI team, the collective impact of the ERI team has been captured and mobilised very effectively with tangible impact nationally and internationally.

Sarah’s wisdom and pragmatic approach are remarkably effective - finding ways to make things happen despite challenges."

Professor Anita Maguire, Vice President for Research and Innovation, UCC, speaking about Professor Sarah Culloty, Director of the ERI, UCC.

Celebrating Inspiring Women of UCC is our International Women's Day, in which each woman puts another woman forward and highlights her achievements.




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