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Environment and Geosciences Principal Investigators

Professor Ger Kiely

Research Interests: Professor Ger Kiely’s research interests are: Hydrology; Climate Change; Terrestrial Greenhouse Gas Fluxes (CO2, CH4, N2O) from grasslands, forests and peatlands; Remote Sensing applications to GHG fluxes and climate change hydrology.

Webpage: www.hydromet.orgType of researcher sought: Professor Kiely is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with a minimum of one year experience in the area of eddy covariance measurement, analysis and modelling of GHG fluxes (CO2, CH4, N2O) from terrestrial ecosystems – grasslands or forests or peatlands. We are also seeking one postdoctoral researcher to work on hydrological aspects of climate change, and in particular extreme events as related to precipitation and flooding. Knowledge of remote sensing applications to GHG fluxes or climate change hydrology would be an advantage.


Phone: +353 (21) 4902965

Jeremy Gault

Research Interests:  Jeremy Gault is the Director of the CMRC, a multidisciplinary Centre conducting marine research in the fields of Geomatics, Megafauna, Coastal Processes, Remote Sensing and Governance with the latter being a cross-cutting theme that links these fields. He is interested in fundamental and applied research on the influence of Governance frameworks on coastal and marine management, economic development and the sustainable utilisation of the extensive maritime resources across Europe.

http://cmrc.ucc.ieType of researcher sought:  He is seeking an experienced post-doctoral researcher (5+ years) with a background in coastal & ocean governance to contribute to the Governance Group and to work with a range of experts within the Centre and the wider University Community. The ideal candidate would have a research interest in (marine) environmental law and policy with reference to current (e.g. Marine Strategy Framework Directive) and potential future EU legislation (e.g. Maritime Spatial Planning) and methodologies employed / issues identified with adoption of these instruments into national law and the approaches developed for their implementation.


Phone: +353 (21) 4703108

Dr. Fiona  Cawkwell

Dr. Fiona Cawkwell

Research Interests: Fiona Cawkwell's research interests are in the use of optical satellite remote sensing to address environmental issues. Fiona's current work is centered on terrestrial land cover/land use management and mapping issues, ranging from peat bogs to agriculture to grasslands, and in particular how hypertemporal imagery can be used to discriminate different land cover/use activities. She is interested in exploring the potential offered by radar remote sensing for a more complete cover of Irish landscapes on cloudy days, and the potential of UAVs for high resolution repeat data acquisition over small areas.

Type of researcher sought:
Fiona is seeking someone with a good background of microwave or UAV remote sensing over agricultural/forested/upland landscapes, with an interest in developing new user-driven applications of imagery in and Irish context. The ideal candidate will already have completed one postdoctoral position and have experience of project management.

Webpage: http://publish.ucc.ie/researchprofiles/A010/fcawkwell


Phone: +353 (21) 4902707

Professor John O'Halloran

Professor John O'Halloran

Research Interests: Professor O'Halloran's current research interests include ornithology, aquatic ecotoxicology and forest ecology. In these projects the questions addressed range from ecosystem processes and biodiversity assessment, through to individual species studies, organ, organelle and genetic impacts 

Type of Researcher Sought:
Professor O'Halloran is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with experience in the area of ecosystem services provided by forest and agricultural ecosystems.

Webpages: www.ucc.ie/en/planforbio


Email: j.ohalloran@ucc.ie

Phone: + 353 (21) 4904653

Dr. Ned Dwyer 

Dr. Ned Dwyer

Research Interests: Dr. Dwyer's current research interests include the application of optical and radar remote sensing techniques to addressing management concerns in the coastal and marine environment. This includes the areas of maritime security, offshore energy installations and ecosystem and environmental management. Dr. Dwyer is also interested in the study of time series of satellite data to improve understanding of changes in the climate around Ireland.

Type of Researcher Sought: 
Dr. Dwyer is seeking a postodctoral researacher with at least 3 years of experience in the area of marine and coastal remote sensing applications. The applicant will have a strong background in remote sensing analysis techniques but also an appreciation of some of the key thematic marine related issues of global concern today.

Webpage: http://www.cmrc.ie/applied-remote-sensing--gis.html

Email: n.dwyer@ucc.ie

Phone: + 353 (21) 4703104

 Dr. Owen McIntyre 

Dr. Owen McIntyre

Research Interests: Dr. McIntyre's current research interests include, International Water Resources Law; International Environmental Law; Biodiversity and Ecosystems Law; The Human Right of Access to Water sanitation. 

Type of Researcher Sought: 
Dr. McIntyre is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with a background in International Environmental Law and some experience of International Water Resources Law, to undertake research into the 'Meaning and Functions of "Equity" in International Water Resources Law'.

Webpage: http://publish.ucc.ie/researchprofiles/B012/omcintyre

Email: o.mcintyre@ucc.ie

Phone: + 353 (21) 4902090

 Dr. Maria McNamara 

Dr. Maria McNamara

Research Interests: Dr. McNamara's current research interests include the preservation of structural and pigmentary colours in the fossil record, especially in fossil insects and feathers. She is also interested in organic preservation of soft tissues, fossil bacteria, experimental taphonomy, skeletal taphonomy, and preservation in lake settings. 

Type of Researcher Sought: Dr. McNamara is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with 2-4 years experience in organic geochemistry or taphonomy.

Webpage: http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/D026/mariamcnamara



Email: maria.mcnamara@bristol.ac.uk

Phone: + 353 (21) 4904570

Dr. Colin Sage‎ 

Dr. Colin Sage

Research Interests: Dr. Sage's current research interests include: food and farming systems; the climate-water-energy-food nexus; food, nutritional and livelihood security; urban agriculture; sustainable production and consumption; social movements and environmental citizenship. These diverse interests reflect my motivation to find ways of developing a more holistic approach through which to evaluate food systems, and to contribute to a process of building more sustainable alternatives that can contribute to global nutritional security in a growing and warming world. 

Type of Researcher Sought: Dr. McNamara is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with a background in geography; environmental science; agricultural science or environmental economics. The successful candidate would demonstrate a strong interest - and preferably some prior expertise - in climate change and food and agriculture policy. Applicants interested in addressing some aspect of the global challenge or rising meat consumption are especially welcome. 

Webpage: http://publish.ucc.ie/researchprofiles/A010/csage

Email: c.sage@ucc.ie

Phone: + 353 (21) 4903640

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