Chemistry Principal Investigators

Professor John Sodeau

Professor John SOdeau Professor Sodeau’s current research interests include monitoring the atmosphere for both bio-aerosols and more conventional particulate matter (PM) using real-time techniques. The studies have relevance to a variety of environmental challenges we face today including hospital infection, compost-site regulation and industrial site clean-ups.

Type of researcher sought: Professor Sodeau is seeking a postdoctoral researcher with any experience in atmospheric chemistry or aerobiology


Email:       Phone: +353 (21) 4902680

 Dr. John Wenger

Dr. John WengerResearch Interests: Dr. Wenger's main research interests are in the area of atmospheric chemistry and air quality. He is a leading proponent of the use of simulation chambers to study the degradation of volatile organic compounds and secondary organic aerosol formation. Field measurements are also performed to investigate the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols.

Type of researcher sought: Dr. Wenger is seeking a motivated postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in atmospheric chemistry to investigate the formation and reactivity of secondary organic aerosol using simulation chambers.


Email:       Phone: +353 (21) 4902454

 Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick

Dr. Dara FitzpatrickResearch Interests: Dr. Fitzpatrick is interested in the area of speciation and elemental analysis using ICP-MS coupled with liquid chromatography. University College Cork has developed a new state of the art ICP-MS laboratory.

Type of researcher sought: We are currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher to co-ordinate our new ICP-MS facility and diverse applications. Experience in speciation of As, Cr and Fe would be an advantage. Projects will testing of new stationary phases for speciation, elemental analysis of microbiological samples and elemental analysis of vehicle air filters to determine metal pollutants.


Email:       Phone: +353 (21) 4903299 

Professor Jeremy D. Glennon

Professor Jeremy D. GlennonResearch Interests: Professor's Glennon's current research interests are in analytical chemistry, including innovative chromatography, separations and sensing, materials and devices for rapid analysis, and trace metal speciation in aqueous environmental samples and biological fluids.

Type of researcher sought: Professor Glennon is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to with experience in metal speciation, chromatography phase materials or rapid LC, CE devices.


Email: J.       Phone: +353 (21) 4902379

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