Industry Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

Research and development undertaken at the Institute is strongly oriented towards the development of novel technologies, products and services that can facilitate a transformation to a low carbon and resource efficient society.

The Institute’s commercially focused research projects extend over the full range of eco-innovation and environmentally sound technologies e.g. low-carbon technologies, energy efficiency, end-of-pipe technologies for treatment of pollution, processes and products that generate low or no waste, waste reuse, using natural resources in a more sustainable manner and developing technologies to monitor environmental change.  These technologies also produce fewer emissions, generate less waste, have a limited impact on health and biodiversity and generally help reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

Research on environmental technologies at the Institute reaches across a wide span of research areas such as biotechnology (drug discovery, bio-polymers, fermentation efficiency & bio-remediation), information and communication technologies (monitoring, sensors, data handling and simulation techniques), nanotechnology (environmental absorbents) and new materials technologies (batteries). 

The Institute currently collaborates with over 50 companies from start-ups and SMEs to multi-national enterprises.  The ERI encourages engagement with industry across the full range of its research areas in a collaborative approach where industry can utilise the knowledge and expertise residing within the Institute and add value to the its research programmes through commercial exploitation.  The engagement with the ERI can be through small scale, short term research projects (such as Enterprise Ireland innovation vouchers) through to large scale, multi-partner programmes like the SFI MaREI Centre.

We work closely with enterprise bodies such as Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland to help companies find the most appropriate mechanism to support industry-academic collaborations including Innovation Vouchers (Enterprise Ireland), Innovation Partnerships (Enterprise Ireland), Employment Based Postgraduate Programme (Irish Research Council), Marie Curie ITN and RISE programmes (EU) and SFI Industry programmes.

If you are a company interested in collaborating with the ERI please contact:

Dr Paul Bolger, ERI Manager

Environmental Research Institute

University College Cork, Lee Road, Cork