As part of UCC’s commitment to flexible learning routes at postgraduate level, The School of English is now developing a number of modules as Postgraduate Flexi-Options, which allow you to experience an area of postgraduate study, without committing yourself to a full postgraduate programme. For more information on Postgraduate Flexi-Options click here

The first module to be offered is:


taught in collaboration with two internationally renowned food businesses: Ballymaloe Cookery School and Café Paradiso Vegetarian Restaurant.

Food writing encompasses a broad range of interests, issues, and concerns. It can range from the elegant and inspiring to the philosophical and troubling. Over the last two generations, food writing has influenced how and what we eat. It has directed our relationship with food at personal, social, and political levels. This course will look at the evolution of food writing and will introduce students to the many forms of food writing from restaurant reviews to investigative food journalism.

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